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Nathan Wallwork's legal status

2003-08-15 -- I recently received my first cease and desist letter, and I wrote one in reponse, so I guess that makes things even.

I'm hoping I don't have any legal battles worth documenting, but I'm preparing for it just in case, as our court systems have been making many mistakes recently, and the country seems to be becoming more and more litigious.

In light of cases like United States vs. ApolloMedia and librarians under gag order, I'm including statements on this page, which I hope to be able to remove (or fail to update) if they ever stop being true. If you are not familiar with these cases, you should read them now. I found them quite disturbing.

As of 2015-09-16, I am not subject to any gag orders.
As of 2015-09-16, I have not received any national security letters.
As of 2015-09-16, I retain all rights to publicly discuss my legal status and all litigation in which I may be involved.
As of 2015-09-16, I have not been compelled to make or publish any false statements.

Anyone may request that I update this page if it is more than a week out of date. I promise to update this page quickly every time anyone asks me to do so. If such a request is ignored, it means that I am unable to comply with the request.

The logic here is that I'd like to be able to signal in some way if I am under a gag order, if only by no longer declaring that I am not under a gag order, and I hope that I cannot be compelled to make or publish false statements, or compelled to leave false statements in place. If this page, or the declarations above are removed, the declarations above are perhaps no longer true.

This page has been indexed by search engines. It can be compared with a cached page from a Google search. The cached page can be found directly here

I'd like to encourage everyone to have a page like this one, in order to make the use of gag orders less appealing and to insure that everyone has a way to let others know they are under a gag order without violating the gag order.

To the best of my knowledge:
As of 2015-09-16, I am not currently involved in any litigation.
As of 2015-09-16, I am not currently under investigation for any crimes.
As of 2015-09-16, I have no plans to initiate any litigation.
As of 2015-09-16, I am not aware of any planned litigation directed at myself.

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